What? The Public Can’t Attend an Ashland Council Meeting?? Corrected by Staff

The City of Ashland staff corrected the Tidings article via a phone call – the public can speak on January 7 to the council about goal setting. However, the public can’t speak at the council’s goal setting meetings, January 18 and February 1. Watch for more information on these meetings.

The Ashland City Council is asking for citizen input on what our city goals should be. This is a good step for the new council. We applaud the invitation.   http://dailytidings.com/news/government/city-lends-an-ear-to-citizen-concerns

However, after the “listening” session, the public must leave when the council and staff discuss and decide on their goals. These goals will direct the allocation of money for projects/departments for the next two years.

We hope that this isn’t true. Here is the link to state law. If they refuse to let citizens to be present during their deliberations, then they are breaking state law. Why not let the public listen to their deliberation? Check back for more information on this issue.

http://www.orenews.com/or-public-meetings-law Check out the law for yourself.

//inserted by Sharon