Voter registration + turnout = historic midterm election

Fund our plan, and your donation will be matched.

We don’t get a lot of sleep these days (thanks to the guy in the White House)… but here are some numbers keeping us up at night right now: One in five. 40 percent. 435 and 35.

  • One in five eligible voters in the US isn’t registered to vote. (Are you? If not, what are you waiting for?!)
  • 40 percent of eligible voters sat out the 2016 election.
  • 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats are up for grabs (not to mention school boards, city councils, district attorney and judgeships, state houses, and governorships across the country).

All signs point to a historic midterm election with massive civic participation, but it won’t happen unless we do. the. work.

Just like we demystified Congress last year, we’re now demystifying voter registration and elections. Here’s our plan to help Indivisible groups register tens of thousands of new voters:

  1. Trainings (both virtual and in-person) and in-depth resources and toolkits on how to host voter registration events, register voters, and keep newly registered voters engaged all the way to election day.
  2. Ongoing support from our organizing staff from now until election day. They’ll give tips, tricks, and best practices of voter registration to group leaders. We’re doubling our organizing team in the next few weeks to make sure we can provide more hands-on support for the thousands of Indivisible groups across the country.
  3. Groups will soon be able to request a snazzy, customized TurboVote page, where they can register voters on a phone, tablet, or computer! And best of all? TurboVote is like a personal assistant for voting… which means the folks they register will get voting primary and general election reminders for elections in their area.

Now, here’s where you come in: we’ve secured a (real, live) matching donor (pinky swear) who’s really excited about registering more voters. They’re willing to match donations for this program, one-for-one. That means if you contribute $37 to fund our voter registration efforts from now until Election Day, your impact will be doubled!

Why are we investing in voter registration?

We know. You might not think of us as the go-to organization for voter registration. But just like our policy wonks demystified congress and gave our movement the tools to #resist on TrumpCare and the Tax Scam, our political team is ready to demystify elections and give Indivisibles the tools they need to build a massive civic engagement program from coast to coast.

One of those first (of many!) tools: everything Indivisibles need to register their communities to vote. And we have a strategy that aligns with our movement’s values:

Growing civic participation in our communities: Voter registration will grow the electorate, strengthen our groups’ membership, and build this movement to last. Oh, and newly registered voters are waaaaaaaaaay more likely to vote than the average voter.

Reaching communities traditionally left behind: We’ll focus on registering voters who’ve been traditionally underrepresented in the political process