Time to Remove Walden from Office! Indivisible

We met with Congressman Walden today.  Here is a clip from the meeting:

http://ktvl.com/news/local/indivisible-says-it-wants-greg-walden-to-listen  We talked of our strong concerns about his leading the charge to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  • We invited a cardiologist and a family nurse practitioner to share their sentiments about how the ACA has saved countless lives and has helped people get the medical care they need.
  • We gave him a stack of over 150 stories that you sent in, with your fears of losing health care.
  • We asked him to hold a live, public town hall meeting in Jackson County before he passes any health care legislation.
  • He refused to set a date, but said he would have a town hall sometime this year.

Indivisibles:  Here’s the stone-cold truth:

  • He listened to our concerns, but we left the meeting with the feeling that he is plowing through with the GOP/Trump agenda.
  • The ONLY thing we can do is RESIST.

Here are some specifics about health care:

  • When asked if he could guarantee that every Oregonian insured today will have the same or better coverage under a new GOP plan, Walden could not.
  • Walden could not assure us that Oregon wouldn’t see a reduction in Medicaid funding in the future.
  • Walden could not give us a timeline for changes to the existing ACA.
  • Walden indicated that the GOP would kill the individual mandate, which makes us wonder how insurers would be able to keep premiums down for older Americans if younger enrollees are not buying insurance.

WE CANNOT STOP — not for a moment — or we will lose our rights. Not just health care, but with so many issues near and dear to our hearts, our democracy.

We will continue to grow, organize, strategize and do whatever it takes to unseat Greg Walden. Only together, in solidarity, will we succeed.