Here are two links from the Ashland City website that can help you think about what the fire season is and how to do your part in preventing a fire. 

Weed abatement throughout our town is extremely important. Here is the link to the city’s website that explains what needs to happen NOW. You need to cut your weeds throughout the summer. You also need to ask your neighbor to do the same – it is a law. If he or she doesn’t, then you need to contact the city and file a complaint. The complaint form is included within this link. YOU need to take responsibility by cutting your weeds ALL summer and BE SURE that your neighbors are doing the same. Everyone is depending on their neighbor to obey the law. The problem is that this law or ordinance is “complaint driven”. No one from the fire department has the time to drive around our neighborhoods and knock on doors. WE have to do this to keep our neighborhoods and our town safe from a wildfire.