The cost for a new jail is enormous. Is this how our tax dollars should be spent? The tax that will support the jail over 23 years amounting to $1 billion is our property tax. This fact can be found on the Sheriff’s website.

Ashland City Council delayed their vote on constructing the police service district that is the financial arm to raise the money necessary for the new jail. The Council will vote December 3, 6:00pm up or down to tax Ashland property owners for the jail. The jail can’t be built without Ashland’s taxes because our property values are so much higher than most of the valley. Let the council know what you want them to do, attend the meeting and speak!

In light of the many United Nation’s reports, especially the most recent that was supported by 11,500 scientist from around the world is that we must decrease our carbon footprint by at least 8%/year from 2020-2030 to reduce the devastating effects of the changing climate. Here is where we should be spending our money to protect our valley from the climate crisis.