Youth v. Gov: Updates from Our Children’s Trust

SOCAN photo

The youth of the world are those who will suffer most if we fail to address the climate crisis. Our failure to address this crisis is why many young people are angry and others are simply disillusioned.  Some, meanwhile, have joined forces through the Eugene-based nonprofit law firm, Our Children’s Trust (OCT), to take legal action. This action takes the form of lawsuits against federal and state governments for their actions violating the youth’s constitutional rights and harming both young people and the natural resources they holdin trust for future generations.

YOUTH v GOV is an independent film by acclaimed Director Christi Cooper, Barrelmaker Productions and Vulcan Productions. It tells the story of the groundbreaking youth climate case, Juliana v. United States. It is available for viewing via Netflix. Attendees are encouraged to watch it before the program.

SOCAN’s August monthly meeting will feature a ZOOM presentation by Our Children’s Trust Senior Litigating Attorney Andrea Rodgers presenting an update on where the legal cases filed by Our Children’s Trust stand, and what the future seems to hold. There is no charge for joining the ZOOM meeting, but participants must register at the link on the SOCAN calendar event:

source: SOCAN press release