Wireless Radiation: Facts We Should All Know in Order to Make Common Sense Decisions

Keeping Safe in a Wireless World:  Things we all should know.

Are cell phones, cell towers , WiFi and Smart Meters harmful in any way?

What is 5G and should we be concerned about it?

Can children be more vulnerable than adults to radio waves?

These questions and more will be answered at the screening of “generation zapped”:  Rogue Valley Unitarian Church, 87 4th St. Ashland; June 4, 6-8pm  –  Free

Don’t miss the screening of “Generation Zapped” documentary and lecture by Dafna Tachover.  She is a leading expert and advocate globally on wireless technology radiation health effects.  Ms. Tachover is an attorney at law in New York and Israel.  She has a technology background from her service in the Israeli Defense Forces as a telecommunication and computers officer.  She is founder of “We Are the Evidence” an advocacy organization for the protection of the rights of people who have been injured by wireless technology radiation.  She led a Supreme Court case in Israel to ban the use of Wi-Fi in schools which led to the strictest limitations in the world on WiFi in schools.

You be the judge – you need facts – find them here.  Ask your questions!

//inserted by Sharon