What You Should Do on Your Own Property to Protect Against Wildfires

City of Ashland launches 3rd Annual Wildfire Safety Campaign

ASHLAND, Ore. – KOBI ,NBC5 News The City of Ashland is preparing for fire season by educating residents on safety. For each of the next 4 months, the fire department is focusing on one topic that residents can do right now.

April is all about hardening structures to embers. Ashland Fire and Rescue told NBC5 News embers to account for nearly 90% of ignitions during wildfires. Residents can prepare their roof, gutters, decks, and siding to resist this type of ignition by clearing pine needles.

“We’re all in the together in terms of wildfire preparedness. The city is working on a lot, but you as a community member and as a neighborhood could do a lot on your own property and your own neighborhood to reduce your risk,” said Katie Gibble, Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator for the City of Ashland.

The campaign is continuing through July. The agency is also going over landscaping, evacuating, and smoke safety.