What can we do locally to make a difference? A Nextdoor Request

What can we do?  These suggestions are not new nor by any means complete, just a reminder to get involved locally!


Support planned parenthood  —  https://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center/oregon/ashland/97520/ashland-health-center-2370-91380

          Vote and ask people if they are registered to vote  — 

You can register to vote in Oregon:

  1. Online using the My Vote Must have current Oregon driver’s license or non-driver ID card.
  2. By mail with the application for an Oregon Voter Registration Card (Form SEL 500). Mail the form to your local County Elections office. …
  3. In person at your local county elections office.

Voter Registration in Oregon | DMV.ORG


          Support second congressional district candidate  Jamie Mcleod-Skinner —



           Support efforts to attack the climate crisis —   http://socan.eco/








Know who is running for the Oregon legislature and Jackson county seats





Four City Council seats and three Parks & Recreation seats are open.  Follow who is running  –  http://www.ashland.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=17618  –  think about

becoming a candidate!  You have until August 16.

Get involved with any of the above campaigns as a volunteer – it is fun and you are doing something to promote the values of your community.

Candidate information is on the city website link above.

Groups seeking changes in Ashland’s ordinances or charter or volunteers needed:


  1. Add term limits for Council and Park elected offices (limit – two consecutive terms)
  2. Change from voting for positions to a majority vote – the candidates with the most votes win the seats not positions’ driven. (Maine does this.)
  3. Join Friends of 10×20 to get more solar energy produced by the city that is renewable and local
  4. Lobby the City Council for a new comprehensive plan. Current plan is 20 years old and 10 years past the deadline to revamp it
  5. Join the affordable housing group that supports every effort to find and make it easier to build affordable housing
  6. Help renters’ rights groups looking for volunteers to identify egregious action against renters and plan legal action
  7. Join a large group of citizens interested in educating and changing city ordinances to address the dangers of 4G and 5G cell towers as well as the city’s smart meters
  8. Support ACE a group of citizens educating Ashland to the city budget process and current situation which is very problematic
  9. Volunteer at the Ashland Resource Center to assist with the homeless and low income Ashland residents
  10. Volunteer with the several community feeds available in Ashland – all need volunteers
  11. Lobby Parks Commissioners to take care of our city trees downtown especially; they need new soil and water
  12. There are more. I don’t have permission to publish the emails of the leaders of the above groups, so you will have to contact me and I will send you the email addresses of the group or issue that interests you.

Send request for more information about Ashland issues to  cjvoisin@yahoo.com  please state which issue interests you or add one to the list.