Source: Washington Post 12/12 Vaccine schedule for Oregon:


247k peoplefirst in line1.78Mprioritized4.22Mtotal35k doses expected to ship initially270k by end of year

Over the last week, Oregon has seen an average of 1,426 confirmed cases and 19 deaths per day. Oregon has the 48th most confirmed cases per capita among states and D.C. during the same period.

Oregon is expected to get about 35,000 doses in the first set of Pfizer vaccines. If the Moderna vaccine is approved, the state could get a total of 270,000 doses before the end of the year. That is enough to vaccinate 6.3 percent of the state population.

The state has approximately 200,000 health-care professionals and 48,000 nursing home residents and workers, and the number of doses expected in December is enough to give them a single dose by the end of the year. The vaccine requires a follow-up booster about three or four weeks after the first shot.

First in line200kHealth-care workers48kNursing home residents

Second in line190kEssential workers110kTeachers18kFirst responders

Third in line1.1MWith preexisting conditions110kAge 65+

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