Vaccine Delays Are Over: 70+ Sign Up: Information Below

MEDFORD, Ore. — KDRV Oregon’s plan to make increasingly more seniors eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine throughout February keeps rolling forward, despite an overall supply shortage and shipments delayed by severe weather across the county.

Monday marks the date that seniors 70 and older become eligible, with the full populated of people 65 and older set to become eligible on March 1.

Throughout last week, winter storms in northwest Oregon and throughout the country delayed shipments of the vaccine — another wrinkle for the already limited supply of doses in the U.S.

Jackson County Public Health reiterated on Monday that there are more seniors who want the vaccine than there will be doses available “in the coming weeks,” so eligibility will not necessarily translate to an available appointment.

“Jackson County Public Health and our healthcare partners are encouraged by the number of people wanting to be vaccinated, and we are all eager to provide the vaccine,” the agency said. “We appreciate the community’s patience; we are all doing the best we can – as fast as we can – with the available resources we have.”

Klamath County was able to hold some preliminary vaccinations for seniors over the weekend, although there are no doubt many seniors 70 and older in the area who are still seeking their first doses. According to Klamath County Public Health, there are an estimated 10,222 people aged 70 or older in the county.

“It will be weeks, perhaps months, before everyone who would like to be vaccinated will have access to vaccine,” the agency said. “Please be patient. There is not a registry for those who would like to be vaccinated. Individuals must contact the vaccine provider for an appointment and available vaccine.”

There are not currently any more mass vaccination clinics planned in southern Oregon counties, though that will likely change in the weeks ahead.

If you are located in Jackson County and are eligible for the vaccine, Jackson County Public Health has provided the following avenues for seeking an appointment:

  • Asante: Schedule an appointment by calling 541-789-2813 and press option #2.
  • Providence: If you are a patient of the Providence Healthcare System, to schedule an appointment call 541-789-2813 and press option #2.
  • La Clinica: If you are a patient of La Clinica, are uninsured, have no regular doctor, or speak primarily Spanish, you can call to schedule an appointment: 541-618-1300.
  • Jackson County Public Health: All appointments have been booked at this time. We will open the appointment request up once there is availability.
  • Fred Meyer Pharmacy: Schedule an appointment by filling out the COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Scheduler or call 1-866-211-5320
  • Safeway/Albertsons: Find out about vaccine availability and schedule an appointment by using the online registration tool at Safeway/Albertsons Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Page
  • Costco: Find out about vaccine availability and schedule an appointment by using the online registration tool at Costco COVID-19 Vaccine Page.
  • Health Mart Pharmacies: Find out about vaccine availability and schedule an appointment by using the online registration tool at Health Mart COVID-19 Vaccine Page.