Us, Our Safety, Our Children, Our World

One great thing about this White House crisis, is it’s getting the world to know it’s people. It’s quite amazing, really. The population is rising to read the news, post comments about the news, talk to one another, think about solutions, read about experience and thought from other places, and consider action.

And we are realizing there are a lot of very different people out there. Out there in places important to our way of life, challenging our sense of security. Such comfort we have enjoyed in the past that we have become complacent. That’s over. Now, with our attention, we will shape something much better.

The Rachel Maddow show educates in relation to current events. She is so astute, clear, forthright, and enjoyable, that learning this material from her is delightful. Gaining an education about this federal administration is a powerful personal resource. She’s my number one teacher.

But the young people in our culture are the ones who are going to make the difference we need. Their education would have to become much more civically potent and principles of governing much more clarified than ever before.

Our change is long term. And, once we understand how to do it, and ban together in our communities to strengthen our causes, and create new pathways, we will begin to feel that sense of safety again.