URGENT Call for Grandview TID Access Petitions

Anyone who has a petition to the Parks Commissioners regarding access to the Grandview Access to the TID Trail should turn in those petitions as soon as possible.   Make a copy of the petition and turn in your petition to the Parks office at 1195 East Main.  The Grove Building is 1195 East Main.  We need to let Michael Black know that there are hundreds of folks who use the TID trail and many of them need the level access accorded the Grandview access.  This is doable.  Let them know our tax dollars need to be used to keep this access open.
Sherri Morgan

Below is a blank copy of the petition:

Petition:  To the members of the City of Ashland Parks Commission:

We the undersigned petition the Park Commissioners to enter into negotiations with the owner of 363 Grandview, whose property includes the parking area at the North end of the Grandview Ditch Road, to secure public right and access to that parking area by whatever means possible. The public has long used the parking area to access the TID Ditch trail, and the undersigned wish to continue that access, and the ability to access Hald-Strawberry Park from there.

Print Name                             Signature                              Address                         Date

Please either return this petition to Parks ASAP.

Call: Sherri 541-941-1603 if you have questions.