URGENT: Action Needed Now for the Grandview Access to the TID Trail!

Now, is the time for everyone who was collecting signatures on petitions for keeping this access open should bring those petitions to the Grove, (make copies of them first), where the Parks Department has one of their offices.   Leave them for Susan, the executive secretary, and ask that she send them to the Parks Commissioners and to the Parks Director.  Also, please use social media to ask people who have used that trail over the years to contact Michael Black  (michael.black@ashland.or.us)  Tell Mr. Black that many more than 5 or 10 people use that trail weekly because hundreds use the trail in a week many depending on the Grandview access.    Tell your stories to him.  He needs to know how important this parking area is for Ashland citizens.  Also send comments to the Parks Commissioners  –


Ask them to use the Restaurant tax revenue to purchase the property.  Those tax dollars are for the purchase of property to be used by the parks department.


//inserted by Sharon