Update on School District’s Position on the $3.5 million Pool – Exclusive

An SOS supporter called the financial director of the Ashland School District.  He is sending a letter to confirm the information below:

1. The school district bond committee never considered adding the $3.5million pool bond to their school bond.  It was never on their agenda.

2. Michael Black, Director of Parks, with the blessing of the Parks commission was in conversation with the financial director of the school district.  The financial director would not put the pool bond before the bond committee.  One of the demands of Parks was that the money from the school bond if it included the pool would be first to receive the money so that they could move forward with the new pool.  The answer was no from the school district for adding the pool bond to the school bond.

3. Commissioners repeatedly are saying that SOS and the Recall are the reason for the the pool bond failures.  This simply isn’t true.

The commissioners need to stop this misinformation at the last minute.

The Recall actually alerted the city’s finance department of serious errors in the final 2017-2019 budget.  What those errors are will be followed on the Chronicle.  Stay tuned.

We will post the letter from the school district finance director when we receive it.  If you doubt the content of this message please feel free to call the Ashland School District to talk with the finance director.  They welcome calls that ask for clarification around this issue.

Chronicle Staff