The “no” piping the canal team is busy at work. We have met with Kelly Madding, Tonya Graham, and Dennis Slattery. We have invitations to Rich Rosenthal and Steve Jensen and John Stromberg.

This is what we have learned.

The city administrator said that shot crete is not a viable option for this canal because:
    1. Paula, an engineer, says it isn’t reliable based on her experience.
    2. TID director said that piping is better; he wouldn’t use shot crete    3. Maintenance is too expensive    4. Robinson’s testimony (shot crete expert) was just so he could get another project with the city (self-serving)
    5. The Turlock Canal shot crete example isn’t valid because it isn’t like our canal (apples/oranges)

She said the only thing that can change staff’s direction is new and compelling evidence about the viability of shot crete.  She seemed confident that the piping is going to happen.

Our conversation with a councilor yielded this information:

That shot crete has a very limited life span and…
    1. As a councilor she/he sees staff as the experts; citizens are not experts. Ergo, support is with the staff and their findings.  But we need to present compelling expert evidence in order to make a difference.
    2. We all should be willing to sacrifice some of our property for the common good especially when it comes to infrastructure. She empathizes with our loss.
    3. Trees need to be taken out because they are in the way of the canal.  Last count according to the city is 100+.  There is no alternative.
    4. The biggest concern is that shot crete is too risky.  Its short life span is unacceptable.
    5. Decisions are made with the needs of the community going into the future and longevity of infrastructure being most important.

We have found some “compelling” evidence that we will present at the November 5 council meeting showing the longevity and reliability of shot crete which is our alternative for piping the canal. We are carefully documenting our sources. We will post our evidence soon; we are also sending it to the entire council.

The answers to the questions we and others submitted to staff regarding piping the canal will be available on the city website October 30.

No Piping of the Ashland Canal Team