Update: Hog Slaughterhouse South of Ashland or Uproot Meats.

Update:  Hog Slaughterhouse South of Ashland or Uproot Meats.

            The owner of Uproot Meats was informed by a Jackson County Hearings Officer that she must abide by his decision and his deadlines.  This Final Order was submitted on August 19, 2019.  The Uproot Meats owner failed to meet these deadlines to apply for various building permits for the two story building that was built with “no permits”. 

            The Jackson County Enforcement Officer stated that Uproot/owner has been cited again for several violations based on the Hearings Officer’s ruling.  Each citation has a penalty with a maximum of $10,000.    Basically, there was no compliance to the orders given on the August 19 ruling.

            The hearing for these violations has been set for December 17, 2019 at the Medford court house.

            In addition to failing to apply for the required permits for the two story building, the owner has ignored the “stop work” order given by the Hearings Officer.  The county enforcement division will be addressing this infringement in the near future.

            No one is living in the two story building.  The second story has chickens living in it while the dirt first floor is empty.  The owner is applying for an agricultural exempt building permit for this building.  A considerable amount of work tearing out a kitchen and other evidence of a living space need to be removed before such a permit can be considered. These structures in the building have yet to be removed. The building permits are still required no matter what the use of the building.

            Watch for more updates next week.

Don’t Uproot Ashland Team