Update: Hog Slaughter Facility South of Ashland

Vegter (Uproot Owner) Misses Her Day in Court

Despite multiple notices of service, Krista Vegter failed to appear at the hearing held for her on December 17th. Several opponents to the pig/poultry slaughter operation were in attendance. The hearings officer cited Ms. Vegter with another two citations, each carrying a $1,000 fine. One fine was for not obtaining a permit for electrical in the chicken house. This issue has been ongoing and unresolved for months. The second citation was for failure to obtain land use approval before using the unauthorized building.

The two-story structure was originally intended by the owner to be a residence/slaughterhouse but was built without zoning or permits. When that application was finally submitted, appealed, and denied, the owner attempted to get zoning for a residence, again being denied zoning approval or permits. After that failed attempt, the latest course of action was to file for an agricultural exemption for the two-story structure, which might potentially include a slaughterhouse of some sort. Residency is not permitted in an agricultural exempt building. Despite this inconvenient ordinance, the owner might be using the structure as a residency in addition to an agricultural exempt building. Neighbors and opponents continue to be amazed by the continued defiance by the owner and the lack of “teeth” that county officials and regulations seem to have in protecting the land, the water, surrounding land owners, and the health of a community.

Denise Krause

Remember: When you buy pork be sure that it has the USDA seal on it.