Update on Grandview Trail Access Issue: Action Item

Update on Grandview Trail Access Issue

Thanks to the many folks who have expressed continued interest in the Grandview TID trail access.  After speaking to the Parks Commissioners’ meeting in early December, and meeting directly with Park Director Michael Black, I became concerned that this issue had been put on a back burner, partly due to the energy from senior citizens in our community who have been expressing dismay at the firing of staff at the Senior Center.

Mr. Black indicated that he had made a relatively small offer to the owner of the parking area at the head of the North Grandview Trail access to buy the property in question. After the owner refused to talk further, he did not propose to undertake any further negotiations. Upon learning that many folks are still interested, he said he would contact the owner again, sometime in the near (?) future.  He had not bothered to find out how many folks are currently not using the trail due to the parking area restrictions, and he seemed to think that this did not involve many members of the community.

So, I am encouraging folks to let Michael Black know that this is still an important issue, and that it warrants Park and Rec making a much more appropriate offer that potentially would be of more interest to the owner.  For those who were circulating petitions, please get those out, gather more signatures, copy the petitions and turn them into the Park and Rec office at the Grove on East Main. I’d suggest getting them in by Dec. 15.   Others can email Michael Black at michael.black@ashland.or.us.

Thanks, Sherri Morgan