Update on Grandview TID Access – More Is Coming Next week – Watch Here for the Next Week’s Update

Grandview TID Access Update  –  More to come soon.

No new information on the trail access issue.  The leaders have been out of town, but on Monday they will contact Michael Black’s office, and the city attorney, David Lohman, to see where things stand.
Watch here for that update.
Chris Hearn, of Davis Hearn, Anderson and Turner, charged for some of his time.  Chris did not charge for a phone conference of almost an hour, and follow up research and analysis, but he did charge .20 hr for doing some early research, and .70 hour for a phone conference with Dave Lohman, and his email to me asking me to back off pressure on the owner, Mary Chilton. The bill will be paid, but contributions would help greatly.  If you can contribute, please do so by sending a check to Sherri Morgan at 484 Euclid St., Ashland.
Any amount over the $270 (and I take responsibility for at least $100 of that), I’ll put towards a party to celebrate a positive outcome of this issue.
Sherri Morgan
 Let’s help Sherri and plan on that party!!
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