UPDATE/ALL CLEAR: Incident at Ashland High School on Nov 14

UPDATE: November 14, 2023, 4 p.m.
ALL CLEAR: Today, November 14, Ashland High School was notified of a potential threat. Regional schools and public agencies have received an increase of threats this past week. Most often, threats are determined to be non-credible and can be attributed to “pranks” or “hoaxes.” The threat was consistent with other recent and historic hoaxes.Ashland High School (AHS) and the City of Ashland take every safety risk seriously, and engaged with law enforcement to help evaluate the situation. As a precaution, the Ashland School District (ASD) placed the school in SECURE status and maintained law enforcement presence on campus throughout the school day until the nature of the threat could be determined to be non-credible. Law enforcement presence remains on campus to make sure everyone remains safe. The investigation into where the threat came from is ongoing.

The SECURE status at AHS lasted from 2:10 to 2:40 p.m. All school operations then returned to normal. Ashland Police Department will be present on campus this afternoon as a precaution.

What is a SECURE Action?

The SECURE status is called when there is a potential threat or hazard. SECURE uses the security of the physical facility to act as protection; during SECURE, all students and staff are brought into the building, and all the exterior doors are locked. Classes continue uninterrupted inside of the building.

Please take a look at the ASD safety page for more information on our current protocols.

ASD and the City of Ashland know you share the concern for the safety of all students and staff, and that false threats have an impact. Please reach out to your Ashland school administrator if you have questions or if there is a way they can better support you and your student.

Samuel Bogdanove, Superintendent
Ashland Public Schools

Source: UPDATE/ALL CLEAR: Incident at Ashland High School on Nov 14 – City of Ashland, Oregon

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