Unofficial Results in From Ashland Special Election

Unofficial Results in From Ashland Special Election

Preliminary vote counts show decisive swing in one direction for all three commissioners.

Posted: Mar. 14, 2018 9:19 AM
Updated: Mar. 14, 2018 9:27 AM

ASHLAND, Ore. — With both precincts reporting, the Jackson County Elections Office shows decisive results for all three commissioners in the Ashland recall special election. At this time the results are still “unofficial,” however, there seems little doubt which way voters swung.

Parks and Recreation Commissioners Jim Lewis, Rick Landt, and Mike Gardiner will not be recalled. Given a choice to recall or not recall the commissioners, roughly 69 percent of voters chose “no” for all three incumbents.

Jim Lewis received 4,042 “no” votes to 1,748 “yes” votes. Rick Landt received 4,034 “no” votes to 1,752 “yes” votes. Mike Gardiner received 4,030 “no” votes to 1,756 “yes” votes. In all three cases, the choice to not recall had a clear majority—all three commissioners will keep their positions.

A statement last night from Ashland Recall and Ashland Support Our Seniors—who have championed the campaign to recall all three Parks commissioners—thanked Ashland voters for their support.

“We are not going away, and we will continue to shine the spotlight on actions that affect citizens. We are truth seekrs and will continue to disseminate the truth in local government,” said the statement.