Trump is celebrating “victory” on the tax bill. Here’s why I’m fired up to fight back.

From: Bart Rutherford, Not One Penny <>
Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 10:06 AM
Trump is celebrating "victory" on the tax bill. Here's why I'm fired up to fight back.

The next phase of this fight starts now.

Tax March

So —

Donald Trump is bragging about his support for the scam of a tax bill that Congressional Republicans just passed. Thanks again for signing on to fight back and repeal it.

If any small part of you was unsure that Donald Trump is a yuge hypocrite, this should wipe away your very last doubt.

After all of his campaign promises to look out for working-class people and “drain the swamp,” Trump enthusiastically championed this tax scam, written by the same lobbyists and shadowy donors that he railed against. Now he says he can’t wait to personally raise taxes for 92 million middle-class families and pave the way for devastating cuts to our social safety net — and is calling it a political “win.”

This will NOT stand — we won’t let it.

That’s why we’re hitting the road on a 100-day nationwide Repeal The TrumpTax tour to demand that Congress undo this disaster and educate folks on what’s at stake for them.

The tour will culminate on April 15th with Tax Day rallies organized by people like you — will you make sure an event happens in your area?

We’ll be there to provide resources and support to make your event a success — and a lot of fun!

You could do anything from host a house party to make phone calls to Congress to march in the streets of your town — the sky’s the limit. The important thing is to make sure your neighbors know what the TrumpTax really means for them.

Trump, Paul Ryan, and their Republican colleagues will try to pass this off as a bill designed to help the middle class, which we know could not be farther from the truth, so we need your help in fighting back with the truth.

So far, you’ve helped us turn what Republicans thought would be an easy win into a real fight — I know that with folks like you on board, we’ll make sure they know that we won’t forget this.

Let us know if you’re interested in hosting a Repeal The TrumpTax event in your community on April 15th.

Let’s do this.

Bart Rutherford
Organizer, Not One Penny

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