Transportation Commission Votes 6-0 to Reject the E.Nv.Street Bridge – On to the City Council

Here is the Motion passing with 6-0 vote:
“We recommend that the City Council reject a motorized vehicle bridge as proposed in the TSP , Project R17 (E. Nevada Bridge). This motion does not preclude the possibility of revisiting the need for a bridge in the future, if plans or conditions change.”
Passed 6-0 .

The second motion:
A Transportation Commission member will present the recommendation and the rationale to the City Council at a business meeting.
Passed 6-0

Chairman Joseph Graff asked Sue Newberry if she would make the presentation to the City Council and she will.

Now on to the City Council meetings:
Council Study Session: June 5, 5:30pm at 51 Winburn Way in the Planning Dept Building.

City Council Business meeting: June 20, 7:00pm at the Council Chamber on East Main.

Stay tuned for additional development and action that can be take to support the Transportation Commission’s  decision.