“Throwing Gas on the Fire”!!

Councilor Jensen
I have just read the comments regarding Adam Hank’s resignation attributed to you in the Tidings.
Are these accurate?

“ This resignation can be laid squarely at the feet of our mayor and two councilors, who have demonstrated stunning levels of dishonesty , personal attacks and inability to come close to anything resembling responsible municipal governance. Having the city attorney resign because of this kind of behavior was tragic in itself—to have both the city attorney and a very able city manager resign is beyond understanding.” 

Councilor, in view of your previous support of the recently adopted Council Code of Conduct and your comment about “lowering the temperature”…… Your comments ,if accurate , sure have thrown  “gas on the fire”. The Code of Conduct was supposed to guide the words and actions of Councilors and Mayor. You strongly advocated for the Code of Conduct.

If in fact, your comments above are accurate and true……You have transgressed the bounds and standards of behavior acceptable for a Ashland City Councilor per the Council’s own Code. Your criticizing others’ behaviors and words does not absolve you from the responsibility of your own words and behavior
I believe it is time for you to either truly “lower the temperature “  or resign.

I have copied this email to you on to the Council & Mayor for review.

Susan Hall, Ashland

The Chronicle will report any response from Steve Jensen to Susan Hall.