Think about Your Taxes And How They Are Being Spent – Ashland Budget Issues

FOUR YEAR TOTAL — $12,543,000

Everyone needs to be aware that there are $12,543,000 of capital expenditures included in the CIP and budget for the next four fiscal years for the WWTP alone:

FY22             $5,709,000
FY23             $3,360,500
FY24             $2,200,500
FY25             $1,273,000

FOUR YEAR TOTAL             $12,543,000

These expenditures are for upgrading, maintaining, and attempting to bring our system into compliance with DEQ requirements.

This is in addition to the over $5,000,000 per year that it costs to operate.

GRAND TOTAL FOR FOUR YEARS >>>>>> $32,543,000

And while those capital expenditures will vary from year to year, they will never end.

Don’t you wonder what it would cost to convert to RVSS instead? Wouldn’t you like to know? I would. BEFORE we spend millions to upgrade the current plant.

We need a study of the alternatives by a qualified group independent of the city council and city staff. They are not impartial. It doesn’t have to be an intensive, down to the final engineering type study. It would be a feasibility study, and would not have to be expensive.

And we need it now.

Please write or tell your councilors.

Dean Silver, Ashland

//inserted by Sharon