The Water Monitor for June 1, 2022

Hyatt Lake continues to fall (down to 14% from 16% on 5/23), while Howard Prairie is holding steady and Emigrant Lake continues to fill (up to 33% from 29% on 5/23).

When asked about those trends, Talent Irrigation District Manager Wanda Derry explained, “Both Howard and Hyatt are being drawn down and the water is being put into Emigrant Lake, so that it is available for irrigation here in the valley, when the Board of Directors decide that we are going to start making water deliveries. Once we start, we will only have enough water to run for approximately 30 to 35 days this summer.”

The Ashland Canal is supplied by Howard Prairie and Hyatt Lakes, but not Emigrant Lake. Emigrant feeds the East Canal, which serves the east side of the Bear Creek valley, as well as the west side of the valley north of Ashland.

Reeder Reservoir has now filled to capacity. City water usage is running just over 3Mgal/day. The temporary reduction in usage occurred due to the rains of May 27-28.