The TID water was turned off on Friday, August 19. The announcement follows:

The irrigation water was shutoff to all canals first thing this morning. We would again, like to express our sincere thanks to our water users for your understanding and patience during this second year in a row of extremely low water supplies. Let’s all hope for lots of snowpack in the mountains this winter and a very wet spring next year so that we can hopefully get back to a more normal irrigation season in 2023. 

Ashland continues to draw the maximum from the Medford Water Commission via TAP. Water use has spiked a bit in the past several days due to the lack of rainfall and continued high temperatures. Inflow to the reservoir remains below 3 Mgal/day and the water treatment plant output is close to 3.5 Mgal/day. As a result, the slope of the usage curve of the reservoir is beginning to exceed the idealized drawdown curve for the first time this season. The reservoir is at just over 70% of capacity.

Remember to conserve water whenever possible in order to avoid possible voluntary or mandatory curtailment later in the season.