The Talent Irrigation District continues to deliver water. On July 27, they issued the following statement:

As we all know, this week is calling for temperatures over 100°. As if the water situation was not problematic enough, these temperatures add to the difficulty of making water deliveries. With these types of temperatures, the water moves slower and there is more evaporation, not to mention that everyone loses patience and tempers begin to flare. Please be assured that we are doing the best we can under the circumstances. We want you to receive water just as much as you would like to receive water.

As reported last week in our post, we were thinking the water supply would last until approximately August 19th.  However, with the extremely high temperatures, it is very possible we could run out a few days earlier. We will continue to update the website as we move forward.

After lower than anticipated consumption in June, Reeder Reservoir has continued to draw down faster than anticipated during most of July and the heat wave. The poor air quality over the weekend and lower temperatures Monday have slowed usage somewhat for the moment.

Please remember to conserve when possible and use water wisely.