The Show Must Go On – Remember Bowmer in the Park?   A Community Made It Happen!Can We Do It Again?

Can It Happen Again?

While the OSF is on pause, let’s not be afraid to look at courageous moments in the past when PULLING together made a difference.

One of those moments came when the large beam above the Bowmer stage cracked and the summer season looked doubtful. A crisis was averted when the community came together to set up a large tent in Lithia Park.

The temporary theater known as Bowmer in the Park performed to a full house each night.

Please view our short documentary:

The leadership at the time was under Paul Nicholson.

This  film was in the Ashland Independent Film Festival in 2012.
A film by Mark and Cici Brown of Ashland

“The Spirit Behind Bowmer in the Park”