The Peerless Hotel Will Be Missed – Cici Brown

In 1993 when the Peerless Hotel was being renovated, I spent 3 months in the hospital with Guillain Barre Syndrome which is sometimes associated with the flu shot.

When I returned home for a long recovery period, Crissy Barnett the new owner of the Peerless Hotel, offered me a low key bookkeeping job for the restoration of the turn-of-the-century hotel on 4th Street in Ashland.

It was exciting to see the transformation of the rundown 1900 building by so many local craftspeople and historic preservation experts. I was thrilled to be a small part of this project.

I went on to work there as an assistant innkeeper. The exquisite small hotel will be missed by all their guests. 

The damaged brick on the building was replaced with used or new brick. Historians said the original brick was probably made on site instead of transported.