The International Order and the Rule of Law: Marciano

The International Order and the Rule of Law

By John Marciano, Talent

Corporate pundits tell us that President-elect Biden and the Democrats will restore the U.S.-led International Order and Rule of Law that held for decades after the Second World War, until “Agent Orange” Trump became president and abandoned them.  

eHeOn endless foreign wars, however, Trump has continued the policies of presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Obama. All committed war crimes that violate the U.S. Constitution and U.N. Charter; thus, the Rule of Law. When it comes to that rule, all have followed the basic principle captured by an old English labor song: “The law locks up the hapless felon who steals the goose from the Common, but lets the real felon loose who steals the Common from the goose.”

            Those who believe Biden will stand for the Rule of Law have erased history. He was the Senate’s chief Democratic cheerleader for Bush’s war resolution of October 2002, and voted continually to fund the catastrophic loss of life and surge in terrorism. Beginning in 2009, Obama and Biden continued the Afghan and Iraq wars and eventually added Libya, Syria, and Yemen. In Yemen, the U.S. provided weapons for Saudi Arabia’s aggression that produced the greatest humanitarian disaster in the world and the worst famine in decades. The Bush-Obama-Biden-Trump wars have left millions of people dead, maimed, and displaced in Africa and Asia—mostly Muslims of color. The Rule of Law?    

On January 21, 2017, five million people nationally and thousands in Ashland protested Trump’s views and policies about women. But Obama and Biden had carried out eight years of wars in Africa and Asia that brought death and devastation to women, without facing a single major protest—proving that it’s not the crime itself that leads people to protest but who the perpetrators and victims are. Muslims of color are unworthy victims who do not evoked public outrage. The silence over Obama-Biden wars revealed the lie of those who claim to support women and oppose racism and violence. They did not oppose killing when Democrats did it.  

All presidents express a fundamental belief: the U.S. is an exceptional nation, and its citizens are the chosen people. They tell us endlessly how great we are, erasing a history that has included the buying and selling of human beings, genocide and dispossession of Native Americans, and dozens of wars since 1945 without a single declaration as mandated by the Constitution. The Rule of Law?  

Obama often proclaimed this belief, asserting that “America remains the one indispensable nation” as it pursues “justice while adhering to the rule of law.” In 2014, he declared, “the United States of America is and will remain the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known.”

If someone with a history of violence thought of himself as so exceptional, people would rightfully reject this self-proclaimed greatness and justice toward others and reasonably conclude that he was dangerous or unstable. Citizens are reluctant to apply this common sense, however, to the government and their admired political figures.