The Final Results of the Second Ashland Chronicle Election 2022 Straw Poll

The final results of the Second Ashland Chronicle Election 2022 Straw Poll are in.

Not surprisingly, all of the results were similar to the results of the first poll. Votes for the state offices were overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidates.  The Ashland electorate is very heavily skewed Democratic.

The races for City Council, being non-partisan, were more highly contested, and much more interesting.

When viewing these results keep in mind that the data set is small. Just under 6600 Ashland residents voted in the last midterm election in 2018, so this data set represents only 1.8% of that total. Furthermore, this straw poll represents an undefined subset of the voters. So while in no way definitive, nevertheless the results are of interest. Thanks to all who participated!

All of the races, including the referenda, are looking tight at this point, with many voters yet undecided.

The results of the ranked voting were also very interesting. Falkenstein and Graham had the most and fewest first and sixth place votes, while the other candidates were more evenly distributed. Keep in mind that there are several schemes for counting ranked voting, any one of which could lead to different results.

There are many sources of information about the candidates and referenda, from their websites to interviews and statements, to analyses in the media, and of course the voters’ pamphlet. All voters should familiarize themselves with the issues and make informed decisions.

The final election 2022 straw poll can be found here.

The results of this election will have profound effects on the future of our fair city.

Remember to vote– every vote counts!

You can view all of the results here.