Thank you Vanessa and Jason! — Now Let’s Help Them with Their Good Work — Volunteers Needed

Help is needed.

Vanessa and Jason Houk have undertaken the mission to feed Ashland’s most vulnerable residents this winter and they need support from the community.  For the homeless this winter, the City has sanctioned two separate processes for our residents.  One process is managed by the Resource Center and referred to as ‘one-site’ winter shelter where guests apply for a nightly accommodation and are linked with assistance to receive the necessary services to transition into housing.  The approved individuals receive help through case management by different government agencies.  The approved homeless residents are also provided a warm meal by various churches/groups.

Those who are not approved for a guaranteed, nightly accommodation (for whatever reason), are allowed to warm up at Pioneer Hall starting at 3:00 for a few hours and eat a warm meal at 4:00 before leaving to find a place to sleep. This takes place every night except Tuesday and Sunday? The City will not allow over-night sleeping at the Pioneer Hall due to safety concerns but did agree to allow meals to be served at the Hall.  Jason and Vanessa Houk generously offered to organize these meals.

However, more volunteers are needed to provide warm meals, particularly on Thursday and Saturday evenings.  Many days there are 40 guests at Pioneer Hall getting out of the cold.   According to Vanessa, more food is needed toward the end of the month.  If interested, you can prepare a hot dish to take to Pioneer Hall arriving at 3:45, and serve at 4:00 or drop off.  Once everyone was served, volunteers can leave, or, if they wish, help clean up or talk with guests.  It is best to contact Jason at 541-841-8341, should you have questions.   If you wish to contact Vanessa to make inquiries or schedule a day to prepare and deliver food, please feel free to write her at

A BIG thank you to Vanessa and Jason.