Testimonial from a Recovering COVID 19 Victim


Disclaimer:  Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID 19 must contact their physician for directions on what to do next.  This testimonial is one person’s experience; one that not all of us should follow.  It does give us a graphic picture of what transpires when you have the virus and stay at home.  This woman lives in Arizona.  This is ONE woman’s account.  You can’t generalize from this letter; at best we can sympathize.

I TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID after a week of being sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. For those of you who know me, you know I am very knowledgeable in how the body works, how to heal it and most importantly paying attention when it’s most important. I am very healthy, I take excellent care of myself, I eat a clean diet, I don’t drink and don’t smoke. I am 50 years old and have No preexisting conditions and this virus took me down!  I have been wearing a mask in public, as far as I know I hadn’t been near any one with Covid and I still got it.

If you are able to wear a mask please do! The anxiety that attends this virus is terrible, you literally don’t know if you are going to wake up the next morning. Please be responsible, respectful and considerate of those who can’t win this battle with this terrible virus!

Here’s what I experienced.

Day 1 absolutely exhausted zero energy
Day 2 fever back and leg pain, I felt like someone was literally trying to tear me in half at my lower back and massive headache
Day 3 fever, back, head and leg pain continued
Day 4 dehydration began( I was drinking tons of water and it didn’t matter) all other symptoms still present
Day 5 dehydration got so bad my tongue began to crack, lips were dry and I had little saliva in my mouth I felt like I couldn’t breathe all other symptoms still present
Day 6 loss of smell all other symptoms still present
Day 7 fever broke began to feel dizzy and a bit out of my body

At this point I was genuinely scared, I couldn’t breathe normally, my anxiety was through the roof and I felt like my body was getting ready to give out on me.

Day 8 slept all day and night
Day 9 I finally felt like my hydration was coming back.
Day 10 woke up with enough energy to make some breakfast, still a little bit of back and leg pain, headache was pretty extreme after being up for 10 minutes I slept most of the day again
Day 11 began to feel like I can do little more than sleep all day, I got up again after 10 minutes I was done slept most of the day
Day 12- slept part of the day, felt like I turned a corner
Day 13 today- I am writing this which means my brain is working again.

MY FRIENDS, I never took this as a joke, I wore a mask and gloves and ask my kids they’ll tell you I was a bit extreme. With that said for those of you thinking this just the FLU, it’s not. This is a very scary virus, it attacks your weaknesses, ones you don’t even know you have. It may not attack you, some people are not affected at all but it will affect many.

Thousands of people are positive with no symptoms, those people will infect people who will have symptoms, who might die. Get tested, be sure, it’s free. No excuses! No one is going out with the intention of harming anyone, this is new time we live in and you MUST consider how your actions affect others every day. Please be careful, please take care of yourself and others. I cherish each and every person on this planet and want everyone to get through this together. There is only one way to accomplish that! Get rid of this virus, stop spreading it, don’t give it room to breathe and grow. Love to all, stay safe, healthy and present 🙏❤

COVID 19 Victim’s Letter