Susan Lloyd: Ashland Photographer at the DC Women’s March, October 17

Thousands of mostly young women rallied yesterday,October 17 in the nation’s capital and other U.S. cities, AP’s Anita Snow reports.

  • The rallies were the latest in a series that began with a massive Women’s March the day after President Trump’s inauguration.

Rachel O’Leary Carmona, executive director of the Women’s March, opened the event by asking people to keep their distance from one another.

Ashland’s own Susan Lloyd was there. Here are a few photos of the event:

Various protestors today at the Supreme Court during the Women’s March on Washington. A highlight were many red-robed “handmaidens” in reference to the Catholic charismatic group that Amy Coney Barrett (Supreme Court nominee) belongs to. Their ideology… Susan Lloyd

Taking a break at the Women’s March on Washington DC, Oct. 17, 2020

Protestors in front of Supreme Court today, Women’s March on Washington, Oct. 17, 2020

Pro-lifers in front of Supreme Court today. Women’s March on Washington, Oct. 17, 2020.

Protestors, including “handmaidens” referencing Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett’s charismatic Catholic group, in front of Donald Trump’s hotel. Women’s March on Washington, Oct. 17, 2020

Thank you, Susan Lloyd for your good work in memorializing in photos the protests that are essential to sending a message to our leaders and to the people.

Chronicle Staff