Support Our Seniors (SOS) Update on the State of the Senior Center

Support Our Seniors are active.  Here is what they are doing.  Please join them whenever and wherever you can.

  1.  Continuing to attend Parks Commission meetings on the fourth Monday of every month except December:  November 27 & December 18, 7:00pm Council Chamber.  Let your voice be heard.
  2.  Continuing to reach out to elected officials for discussion of the issues around the Senior Center; looking for common ground.
  3.  Continuing to attend the Ashland Senior Program Advisory Committee or (ASPAC)  – December 11, 3:15 at the Council Chamber.
  4.  Planning a special event on December 9 at 1:00pm in the plaza; be there or you’ll miss an EVENT!
  5.  Endorsing the recall of commissioners Gardiner, Lewis, and Landt.  For details, check out the website where the reasons for the recall are explained; sign the petition at Washington Federal meeting room next to the Pony Espresso coffee shop on Lithia on T,Th & Sat 11:00-1:00.

The state of the Senior Center according to those who attend it isn’t good.  Their core social services were sent away – the staff provided many services that our seniors required from referrals to a community that cares about their quality of life and knew how to make a difference in their lives.  That is gone.

Let your voice be heard.