Steep Slopes Maps in Western Oregon Available from Dept. of Forestry

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Steep Slopes Maps for Western Oregon now available

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) has posted the new steep slopes model maps.

A May 1 deadline was set in Oregon Senate Bill 1501 as part of Forest Practices Act rule changes brought about by the Private Forest Accord.

The rule changes for steep slopes aim to better protect fish streams by minimizing sediment getting into their waters and providing large woody debris in the streams caused by natural landslides.

As directed by SB 1501, ODF developed the slopes model through a contractor to identify areas on private forestlands in Western Oregon with a higher probability of landslides and debris flows happening, which may flow into fish-bearing streams.

The maps display steep slope areas that will require protection starting Jan. 1, 2024. These are:

  • Designated Debris Flow Traversal Areas
  • Designated Sediment Source Areas

To see the new steep slopes data and resources go to ODF’s Private Forest Accord website listed under Resources.  The information is also viewable in ODF’s e-notification system. Refer to rules posted on ODF’s PFA website and  ODF’s steep slopes factsheet for specific information.

ODF will be providing steep slope certification training to identify slope retention areas on the following dates and locations: June 14, Douglas County Fairgrounds; June 16, Wilsonville Holiday Inn; June 20, Albany Comfort Inn.  This training is intended for forest landowners with more than 5,000 acres.   Registration for the training sessions will start May 15.  The registration form will be available on ODF’s Private Forest Accord website on May 15.