State Decision Sends Message to Jordan Cove LNG!! We Need to Take Action to Support this Decision

Last night, the state of Oregon denied the coastal zone permit for Jordan Cove LNG. This is the THIRD critical state permit for which Jordan Cove LNG has failed to qualify.

The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) said that Jordan Cove LNG would have significant impacts to coastal communities, commercial and recreational fishing, the climate, shipping, and more. In DLCD’s denial, it also asserted that FERC could not move Jordan Cove LNG forward without the coastal zone permit. You can read more about the DLCD decision here.

As a result, this morning the FERC commissioners voted 2-1 AGAINST approving Jordan Cove LNG. Commissioner Glick voted no because the project was not in the public interest, while Commissioner McNamee voted no because he needed more time to review permit denials from the state of Oregon, including last night’s Coastal Zone permit denial. FERC will likely revisit the vote on Jordan Cove LNG, though no date has been set. Read more about the FERC decision here.

But this fight is not over. We still want FERC to deny Jordan Cove LNG once and for all and Oregon to protect it’s authority to stop Jordan Cove LNG.

Here are two actions you can take today to help ensure an end to Jordan Cove LNG:

1) Call Governor Brown at (503) 378-4582. Oregon agencies denied three critical state permits for Jordan Cove LNG. This is huge! Let Governor Brown know that 1) her state agencies are doing a great job of protecting Oregon from Jordan Cove LNG and 2) encourage her to stand up to any attempt by the current federal administration to override any of our state’s safeguards that Jordan Cove LNG has failed to meet.

2) Call Senator Wyden today at (202) 224-5244 and ask him to stand with Oregon in opposing Jordan Cove LNG and tell FERC to deny the project once and for all. This week is critical: Senator Wyden must speak up now for Oregon’s authority to deny Jordan Cove and to protect the rights and resources of every Oregonian.

Thank you for all of your incredible dedication to protecting our clean water, climate, and communities! Together, we are showing that communities across the region are united for jobs in renewable energy, not backward steps, like Jordan Cove LNG.

Grassroots organizing works!

The Rogue Climate Team