Special Report: Southern Oregon People’s Climate March

Southern Oregon People’s Climate March

Hundreds of people concerned about global warming and Donald Trump’s disastrous first 100 days in office filled Pear Blossom Park at The Commons in Medford Saturday afternoon to call for climate and social justice.

More than 40 organizations were involved in the march, which was emceed by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Claudia Alick. After opening speeches, the crowd walked along Fourth Street toward the courthouse and then back. Sister marches were held all across the United States and around the world.

“The march will hold accountable both corporate executives and elected public officials at all levels, regardless of party, who threaten our region and our planet,” stated its Web site.

“The march recognizes that in these extraordinary times we must unite to address many of the interconnected issues that impact our communities. Community members, organizations, and elected officials are invited to join the People’s Climate March if they are interested in:

  • “Demanding urgent action on climate change
  • “Creating good-paying clean energy jobs in our region
  • “Stopping the proposed Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline
  • “Safeguarding public lands, clean water, air, and fisheries
  • “Supporting family farms and a diversified local economy
  • “Protecting farm and forest workers
  • “Respecting tribal territories and culture
  • “Protecting residents from the health impacts of climate change
  • “Standing up for climate justice by reducing impacts on low-income communities, children, seniors, and communities of color
  • “Basing public policy on the public interest and not the special interests of global corporations and profits over people
  • “Protecting the beauty of Southern Oregon and the livability of our planet for all life and future generations
  • “Prioritizing affordable housing with convenient, energy-efficient transportation
  • “Promoting peace.”

“Extraordinary times” indeed. Noam Chomsky, in an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, called the Republican Party the most dangerous organization in human history.

Addie Greene

Ashland Chronicle Special Reporter