Speaking Truth to Power: Another Citizen Speaks Out About the Senior Center

Tidings Letter to the Editor, Dec. 6
Something is amiss 
This I know for a fact. Everyone has a mother and father. And hopefully those who have been making decisions about the Senior Center here in Ashland treat their own parents much better than what has been happening here lately.
I’m talking about the fact that until very recently the senior citizen population has been treated with respect, courtesy and acknowledgement of their contribution to society. However, decisions are being made about the leadership and “reorganization” (whatever that means) of their beloved Senior Center without any consultation (survey) from them. The director had the expertise, experience and knowledge to be connected with the numerous agencies that this aging population might need. And it is well documented that she also dealt with each and every one of them with compassion and dignity. She, however, was dismissed with no regard whatsoever of these factors, leaving the seniors who were in need of the services provided at the Senior Center to more or less shift for themselves.
At this stage of life, vulnerability becomes a factor and they need someone there to help when many do not have family close by to be of assistance. Aging is a fact of life whether one is rich, middle class or poor. I am grateful for the educated, articulate groups who “get it” and are trying to improve the present ludicrous situation. That’s why the petitions for recall represent an incredible noble effort to point out these discrepancies of not treating the senior citizens of this city with the respect, courtesy and dignity they deserve. To all appearances, it seems that a new leader came aboard at the Parks and Recreation Department and together with the parks commissioners are the ones making these poor and disingenuous decisions.
Something is amiss and needs to be fixed immediately. Will that be the ad hoc appointed committee? Will it be the recall efforts?
The seniors deserve to be consulted on any changes that are being made for them, not without them as is the present situation.
Mary Bertrand