SOCAN: Master Gardner Meets Master Climate Protector, July 28

CONTACT: Alan Journet, Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now; 541-301-4107; ,  Rhianna Simes M.S.Ed, Co-Director Cultivate Oregon,, 541 821 0203

SUBJECT:  Digging In: Master Gardner meets Master Climate Protector
How to practice Regenerative Agriculture in your back yard.

We know that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential if we are to counter the climate change crisis that global warming is imposing on us.  We also know that drawing down the atmospheric concentration of these gases will contribute substantially to addressing the problem.   The evidence suggests that restoring the organic content of our soil through regenerative agriculture is a valuable way to do this.  While we don’t all have a back forty – or more, on which we farm, we can still restore the health of soils in our domestic gardens and yards by increasing the soil organic matter.

At the next Southern Oregon Climate Action Now General Meeting, on Tuesday July 28th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, Cultivate Oregon Co-Director and local organic farmer Rhianna Simes M.S. Ed, owner of Verdant Phoenix mini-farm will share with us tips on what we can do to keep Carbon in the soil at home as we each grow food for our own table. The program will be a ZOOM virtual meeting live-steamed via our Facebook Page: If you wish to join the ZOOM session, or receive reminders, please contact Following the meeting, the program will be available via Facebook and the SOCAN You-tube.

Rhianna will discuss how we can implement regenerative agriculture in our own back yards, using techniques that minimize soil disturbance, keep soils covered, protect soil health, and reduce irrigation needs.  In addition, Rhianna will explore tangible ways to keep carbon onsite in the soil, where we can find free organic matter – such as leaves, woodchips, coffee grounds.  She will also discuss how we avoid plastics, and how we do all this in our landscapes.

For a complete experience, please bring a plate or bowl of soil from your yard.