SOCAN: Join the Conversation on Climate Action 1/26

We greet 2021 with optimism.  The reason for optimism is that, as of January 20th,

  1. We will have a federal administration that accepts science and acknowledges the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will also have both a House and Senate controlled by those accepting climate science and understanding the urgency for action.
  2. In Oregon, state agencies will be developing plans to address Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-04 establishing an Oregon Climate Action Plan, even as other relevant legislative proposals are emerging. 
  3. At the local level, November elections resulted in an increasing number of regional city council members conscious of the climate crisis and ready to take local action to address it.

The first Southern Oregon Climate Action Now General Meeting for 2021, scheduled for Tuesday January 26th from 6 :00 to 7:00 via ZOOM will offer a discussion of the prospects for meaningful climate action at the federal, state and local levels.  In a program moderated by long-time area activist Christine Haynie, Hogan Sherrow, Director of Rural Oregon Climate Political Action Committee (ROCPAC) and SOCAN co-facilitator Alan Journet, will discuss what the 2020 election results mean for our 2021 climate action prospects.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting should register by visiting:

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