January 21, 2024

SOCAN January Monthly Meeting

Daunted by Climate Concern?
Let’s Explore Our Options

Tuesday, January 30 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Medford Public Library

Biologist and policy expert Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson has developed a valuable visual tool for helping us each figure out how we can individually contribute to addressing the daunting climate crisis.  During SOCAN’s January meeting, we will view and discuss a short TED talk by Dr. Johnson during which she presents her vision. Rather than asking folks to try to solve the global problem alone, Johnson offers a relatively painless route to identifying personal tactics that suggests that we first ask ourselves: ‘What brings you joy?’ She then asks us to identify ‘What we are good at?’ Finally, where these intersect, we ask ‘What needs doing (and falls within this intersection)?’

It’s time for us all to reinvigorate ourselves and focus on what needs to be done. Through hands-on engagement, SOCAN’s January Public General meeting will help us explore and identify what we can do.  The meeting will consider both individual actions that we can undertake and collective actions we can join that seek to move communities forward. If you are ready to revisit what you can do to make a difference, please join us.

Link to calendar event
Link to SOCAN on Jefferson Exchange – Flavia Franco & Alan Journet discussing January’s program

We are very excited to announce that collaboration with the Environmental Science, Policy, and Sustainability Program at SOU has resulted in the development of a course based on SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action. The new course will be offered during Spring term 2024 and is open to SOU students as well as members of the community.

This course is designed for individuals who would like to learn more about climate change and its implications at the global, national and local level as well as actions to address climate change.

DATE: Wednesday nights, starting April 3, 2024 and ending June 5, 2024
TIME:  5:30 to 8:30PM
LOCATION: Room 066, Science Building, SOU Campus
REGISTRATION: For Community members
COST: Community members

  • For those over age 65; no charge
  • For those under age 65: The registration fee will be approximately $100. Final details pending. (Scholarships to help defray registration costs are available.)

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