So Oregon Blacks Set Goals to Make So Oregon a Destination Place for Blacks

MEDFORD, Ore. – KDRV Black Southern Oregonians came together to create a Black agenda and held their roll out meeting to address the goals of the agenda on January 20, 2021 over Zoom. After a week of recognizing Black leaders in American history including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the swearing in of Vice President Kamala Harris, the Southern Oregon Black Leaders, Activists, and Community Coalition started to make history locally.

The Black Agenda was a collaborative effort among Black community members to decide what changes they wanted to see in the community. The roll out meeting was the opportunity for non-Black community members to learn what changes would be coming to the Rogue Valley.

SO BLACC says it aims to be, “a political home for Black people in Southern Oregon and envisions a Southern Oregon that is a joyful, prosperous, and welcoming place for Black people to live, work and play.” While its values are centered around justice, inclusion, collective responsibility, accountability, and courage.

Priorities of the Black Agenda include Black community building, education for Black brilliance, Black political power for a representative Southern Oregon, developing Black business and economics, celebrating Black art and culture, and focusing on radical opposition to anti-Blackness for Black liberation.

Now that the agenda has been announced to community members, SO BLACC will be collaborating on plans to execute its goals in efforts to change the Southern Oregon as locals know it.