Imagine my surprise to see a spring snow as I woke up this morning. Having just planted young lettuces, I ran outside to checked on my snap peas, spinach, bok choy and Swiss chard. I was anxious to see how they fared with a dusting of snow. Amazingly, they were alive and well and I saw that even the daffodils and tulips remained upright and proud.

Shortly after the initial snow showers, the sun peaked out and I briefly considered rolling my zucchini, cucumber and tomato pots outside…but thankfully, by the time I was about to pull my vegetable laden Costco wagon out (everyone has this foldable fabric wagon, Right?), back came more snow flurries.

Time for pictures to prove that this snow storm wasn’t the typical Ashland snowfall & melt type. As I began to snap photos, out came the sun again followed by my resident blue jay, a bevy of quail and a brave dove or two.

They appeared to be venturing into the yard for their regular food. A red headed woodpecker then joined the entourage and proceeded to dominate the vertical feeding tube, even crowding out the bully blue jay. I half expected to see my fat, sleek ground squirrel scurry about but apparently he was sleeping in.

What a joy to stand out in the cold air, with not a hint of allergy pollen blowing. Then I heard the most delightful sound coming across the fence as the four and six-year-old neighbors ran to their yard to discover the snow screaming: “SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!” Children never waste a moment deciding if a snowball fight is in order…even if they are still in their pajamas.

This unique spring day concluded with another glorious snow fall (the first time an April snowfall has ever been reported in Portland, so said the TV weatherman). What a treat.

Susan Hall RN, Ashland