Smart Meters: Citizens Are Concerned & Want Action from Elected Officials


Wake up call!  Bill Bathgate spoke opposite a Pacific Power’s presenter May 30,2018 at the Town Hall in Talent to the Talent City Council and to a full house on his 54 page meter report on Aclara I-210+C (Itron) a meter revealed to have major flaws dangerous to our state that is also fire prone.   There is no working sensor in the meter for fires as claimed by Itron, problems with the switch motor power supply, billing that drifts due to the mechanism and incompatibility with weather changes. You can see Bathgate speaking at the Michigan House Energy Committee

Bathgate was an expert testifier at New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Michigan PUCs recently. He is a well respected now retired independent electrical engineer having worked in the industry with certification of meters with high level government clearance for 40 years. This smart meter has already been installed by Pacific Power in 80,000 Oregon homes as of May 1 with a total planned roll out for Oregon to 590,000 unsuspecting customers. That doesn’t include Northern California areas PP intends to roll out of this meter.

The importance of the flaws of this smart meter should be revealed to the public at large, not just publicly to Talent. Fires and explosions from Itron smart meters have been well document, revealed in other states and Canada and either ignored or covered up by utility companies. Opt out for an analog meter. Don’t plan to be covered by your insurance carrier if you have a fire from a smart meter. They won’t! Safe? Healthy? The absent MC dirty electricity filters costing $2-3 per meter could have saved the health of many preventing dirty electricity running through the wires of their homes.

Yes, we should be concerned! This is a wake up call!  Legislators should be contacted about this meter in Oregon.  We need an injunction, and recall  notice to other meter manufacturers that neglect to put in dirty electricity filters as well.

Unmani Groves

Ashland, Oregon