Senior Center Not To Be

The Ashland parks commissioners clearly stated at their meeting 8/9/17 that those who spoke to them and wrote to them were afraid of change. The center is being integrated into the parks system and the staff are being laid off. And the building will be used for a new parks program.

Parks staff seem to have a lot of time on their hands because they can easily step in for Chris Dodson and her assistant and some of the volunteers. If they have that much free time, I have to say that the management of parks is not that efficient or productive. Oh! none of these staff have any training or knowledge of working with seniors.

Close to 100 people were at the meeting; 20 spoke eloquently to keep the center or to at least have a democratic process with public input. My question is, what is next? What can we do now when lives are at stake?

Carol Voisin