RVs Okay in Talent – Contact the City of Talent for Details

An executive order issued by the city of Talent now allows those displaced by the Almeda fire to live in RVs parked in areas unaffected by the fires. The order is in affect until September 10, 2021.

Talent city manager Sandra Spelliscy issued the order last Wednesday in an effort to address the need for temporary housing for those who have lost their homes. Talent was facing a housing shortage before the fire and the city estimates 1,500-2,000 individuals now face long-term displacement as a result of the fire. Usual city municipal codes forbade street-side sleeping in an RV for more than three hours, as well as living in an RV on private property for more than 15 days. This new order upends those restrictions. With permission from the property owner, residents can apply for a permit which allows the resident to park on the homeowner’s lot or in lawful parking spaces in the right-of-way abutting the property. RVs must have self-contained sewage facilities or have access to sanitation facilities on the host’s property. Host properties cannot be in the burned areas or in the process of cleanup.

The order also opens up the possibility of individual residential property owners hosting multiple temporary accommodations on their property, provided the lot is at least a quarter-acre in size. Commercial and industrial properties of any size can host as well.

Interested parties should apply at the Talent City Hall at 110 East Main Street in Talent.   541-535-1566

Amy Stewart, Ashland