RIP John Darling — We Miss You!

Ashland’s beloved John Darling passed away, yesterday, January 6. Our sympathy and condolences to his family. He is missed!

Below are two statements from long time friends of his –

John Darling—I have always been in awe of you.  I have followed you for years and considered you to be one of our wise Ashland folks, if not the wisest and most elevated! You are the Ashland archetype, our collective unconscious! You are a troubadour from the 70’s—has it really been 50 years?—a sensibility sadly disappearing but which Ashland has always been about. Your presence, quiet and unpretentious, is akin to that of an Indian Brahmin or Zen priest. As a fellow writer I marvel at your curiosity. For stories. Stories. Many stories. Big and small. And how, with few questions asked (in the case of interviews you did with me), you get it. How? You listen.  No ego. You listen, you think with that kind of far-off gaze, you reflect, you go home, you write. The words appear to come flooding out. You care about us, our stories. And how many have you educated with those stories? Hang on, John. Damnit all. We need you. Susan Lloyd, Ashland

Another friend of John’s — My beautiful friend John Darling passed on last night. The magnificent gateway opened to receive the brilliance of his light. Welcome Home dear Darling, you stunning epic poem. I love you, and these tears are a river of song and gratitude for how deeply you impacted my life. And the lives of so many. I will miss you beyond words. Leslie Caplan, Ashland

//inserted by Sharon